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Gratuitous Animations: How Subtlety in User Experience Design Can Impress Your Users and Apple

Animations can make or break the user experience of a mobile app. It is important when building apps to remember that animations can be a powerful tool and can often do more for a user’s experience than the interfaces they inhabit.

In this session I'll highlight some great examples of three classes of animations from around the App Store, talk through their specific implementation, and even slow them down for a frame by frame analysis: 

• Informative Animations (helping the user better understand the app they are using)

• Welcoming Animations (setting the stage for a great app experience)

• Delightful Animations (animations that go the extra mile for the hell of it).

Finally, I'll conclude with specific recommendations on how to take advantage of these three types of animations in apps, and how to not only impress your users, but also Apple.

Speaker: Ben Johnson